What we offer?

At Timiak Tech, we are committed to your needs as eyewear professional. For this reason, we have developed a service that makes it easier for you to purchase high-quality eyewear in a simple, efficient and lucrative way, eliminating intermediaries and commercial representatives. We offer a constantly updated catalog of models and materials. And, if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll get it for you.

  • Save significantly

    Save over 30% compared to traditional methods, guaranteed.

  • Accompaniment

    Select the glasses you need directly from our online store.

  • Purchase security

    You can return the glasses if you are not satisfied, with a money-back guarantee.

  • No minimum requirements

    Buy the quantity you need, with no minimum orders required.

  • Differentiation and value

    Add a personal touch to the glasses with the name or logo of your optician or brand.

  • 1. Sign up

    Join our exclusive service for eye care professionals.

  • 2. Browse the catalog

    Select the glasses that interest you in our online store.

  • 3. Try and decide

    Receive your glasses, try them on, and if you don't like them, return them.

  • 4. Take advantage of savings

    Enjoy high quality glasses at competitive prices and with the option to customize them to your desires.

Frequent questions

How is it possible to offer high quality glasses at such competitive prices?

We have optimized our process by eliminating the costs associated with salespeople visiting your store at unwanted moments. This way, we can offer you the same quality at a significantly more competitive price. In addition, we avoid unnecessary inconvenience and contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, thus improving the environmental impact.

How can you check the quality of your glasses?

Place your order risk-free. You can purchase the glasses you want and if you are not satisfied, you have up to 5 days to return them for a refund. See return policy for more information.

Whenever questions or problems arise, who can I contact if there are no sales representatives?

Our customer service team is available to assist you at all times. You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email, and we will respond as quickly as possible to address your query.

If the glasses are so cheap, does that mean they lack warranty or spare parts?

Not at all! We comply with all European regulations. We offer a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defects and the availability of spare parts for your optical shop.

What is the average shipping time for your glasses?

Standard shipping within the Iberian Peninsula usually takes between 3 and 5 business days to arrive. In this region the shipment is free for orders over 200€. For the shipment to other region different prices apply. See shipment policy for more details.

How is the return policy for your glasses managed?

You have a period of 5 business days to return the glasses if you are not satisfied, with the guarantee of receiving a refund. See return policy for more information.